Open internet

Dear Editor,
I am writing you about an issue Congress will vote on that is neither Democrat nor Republican, but may be rejected by members funded by telecommunications company money.
I’ve seen the difference begin since two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Ajit Pai repealed the net neutrality protections that make the internet an open and free platform to connect and exchange ideas.
This was done disregarding widespread public appeal to save it. If we can’t restore these protections, the internet as we know it could change forever. As a sole business operator, I’ve already seen the difference slowing up my connection and restricting my access to some sites and I want to protect our open internet. I have a weekly blog and can’t afford further expense.
Earlier this month, Congress introduced the Save the Internet Act, which will restore the open internet protections repealed by the FCC in 2017. Despite having the support of over 80 percent of Americans, according to poll data, many members of Congress are siding with “big telecom” to vote against this bill.
I hope our representatives in Congress vote in favor of this bill. Otherwise we’ll be forced to hold them accountable at the ballot box in 2020.
Lois Keel
Springfield Township

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