OPFEC approves fire and police budgets

The Oxford Public Fire and EMS Commission last week approved its 2004 fire and police budgets.
Commissioners approved a $938,738 budget for Oxford Fire Department operations – $827,291 for fire expenses and $111,447 for EMS expenses.
Fire expenses consist of $532,143 for personnel; $9,075 for administration; $36,660 for supplies; $13,617 for vehicle supplies; $15,550 for equipment and vehicle maintenance; $91,100 for professional services; $2,500 for conferences and travel; $34,295 for insurance; $27,851 for utilities; $1,600 for software support; and $50,950 for capital outlay.
EMS expenses include $65,247 for personnel; $1,200 for administration; $8,350 for supplies; $150 for contract repairs; and $36,500 for training and education.
To support the fire department, the township and village each levy separate taxes.
Under the 2004 budget, the township will contribute $662,700 for operating and $67,000 for dispatch services. The village’s contribution amounts to $135,638.
Commissioners also approved a $116,045 budget for matters relating to the now-defunct Oxford Police Department.
Police expenses consist of $72,445 for retirees’ medical insurance; $600 for wages; $40,000 for legal fees; and $3,000 for audit services.
To finance expenses from the former police department in 2004, the township will contribute $58,643.23 and the village $17,349.03.