Percival worthy of re-election

Dear Editor,
Steve Percival is the Mayor of the City of the Village of Clarkston, and running for re-election. He was the only person to agree to serve two years ago. This is in keeping with this locally bred resident’s commitment to service.
Steve has committed his adult life to service – to this country, this State, this greater community, this City, and his family. He is a Master Mason, volunteers in many ways in the community including schools, American Legion, and Children’s Village.
He was educated locally: Clarkston Community Schools, graduating form Clarkston High School as have other local leaders such as the CIDLibrary Director, the Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and the Clarkston News Asst. Publisher; and received degrees from Oakland Community College (AA) and Baker College (BA and MS).
Also, a decorated veteran, Steve served seven years in the Army, including the Army Counterintelligence.
Now retired, Steve had worked as a teacher and administrator in several schools, including Children’s Village and Baker College.
Living in the area for 30 years, Steve is devoted to his wife of 25 years, and his daughter who is attending MSU.
Steve Percival is a worthy person to re-elect as Mayor.
Tom Stone


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