PHIL IN THE BLANK: Community crew

The sense of community was strong inside the newly renamed Dan Fife Field House as family and friends shared lessons they learned from the legendary coach.
I had to watch out for past-tense references in the story I wrote about it, because it was starting to sound like a collection of eulogies – the posthumous kind. Sharing memories, stories, and appreciation for a man while he’s there to listen to all of that is a great idea.
The team looks to be in good hands, with Tim Wasilk. As a former Fife pupil, he’s ideal to carry on his teacher and coach’s legacy.
The talent on the court will help. After the Fife presentation and the game got underway, I watched as Fletcher Loyer set up for a three-pointer.
“I wonder if he’s as accurate as Foster,” I wondered.
The ball swished through the basket.
“Chances are good he is,” I thought.
That community spirit was also on display Monday at city hall.
A few years back, there was a group of residents labeled “the usual suspects” due to their meddling in various issues.
I’m thinking that name should be applied to a new group. I’ve been calling them that to myself, at least.
They’re the ones who show up whenever something has to be done, find what’s needed, figure out a plan and get it done.
Sometimes they display feats of genuine heroism, like when Clarkston Optimists ran into the building plowed into by a double-trailer truck, looking to help anyone who might be hurt.
Folks of all ages, retirees with the time to think about solving problems, business owners installing and maintaning flower boxes on city easements, and construction-tech kids going around fixing stuff. People in Clarkston Rotary, the churches, those who show up in the paper a lot.
Like Sam Moraco, who’s helping to lead the community project idea for city hall. He’s been in the paper previously for his work preserving the old Bailey House on Sashabaw Road. Kicked off by Steve Percival when he was mayor, the new city hall plan could solve an issue plaguing the city for years.
And also Tom Lowrie. He’s at a lot at these things.

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