Congratulations to Team RUSH students, coaches, mentors, and volunteers on their hard work this season, earning the world championship title in Detroit!
I met with some of them last October, when they were coaching robotics for the elementary kids – the Junior FIRST Lego League.
Coach Kyle Hughes told me they had their sights set on the world championship, and that’s what they did.
All the work they do is very impressive. Design, build, scout, drive. Their robots are designed with an autonomous mode. I am awed though a bit apprehensive about that.
The seniors should be rightfully proud of their achievement, leading the world title effort. Their work is pretty much over as student RUSHers, though will probably continue as mentors, volunteers, etc.
The rest of the crew will stay busy. The robotics season runs from January through April, but the robotics team is active almost all year.
It won’t be too long before they come by seeking sponsorships for RUSH Regatta. During the summer they make boats out of cardboard and duct tape for races on Deer Lake.
For the holidays, they organize the Holiday Lights Parade through downtown Clarkston. “Christmas through space” was the theme of last year’s parade. Hopefully they stay with it this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
And the kids also come by regularly dropping off thank-you plaques for sponsorships, and promoting fund-raisers. Robots aren’t cheap.
I’m back on stage with the Clarkston Village Players for their new show, though behind the curtains this time.
I’m part of the backstage crew for “Leading Ladies,” by Ken Ludwig. CVP staged a Ludwig show last year, “Lend Me a Tenor,” a comedy farce like this one. I was in that one as the bellhop. They both have chases around the couch, which I suspect is a staple of Mr. Ludwig’s.
I help with some of the many costume changes in the show, which opens this weekend and runs for three weeks.
I’ll also be moving stuff on stage sometimes. Hopefully you won’t see me too much because I’ll be wearing all black.

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