PHIL IN THE BLANK: Vandals near and far

Two suspects are under investigation in last week’s vandalism case out by birdland off Maybee Road. They’re juveniles, which was considered most likely amongst commenters on our social media.
Vandals spraypainted crudely rendered, light-blue Nazi symbols over everything, as well as other things like a peace symbol, which would be nice if it weren’t on other people’s property without their permission, racial slurs, which are never nice, and “Trump,” which is open to interpretation.
I’d be interested in hearing about their motivations in what some call a “hate crime.” It will probably turn out to be more of a “we’re bored and stupid” crime.
Maybe they’re completely unaware of politics of any sort, but maybe they learned this sort of thing from the top levels of government and the media over the past two years.
Donald Trump’s most unsavory comments and actions are constantly reported by a media that can’t believe the man was elected president.
He and his supporters are considered Nazis nowadays by a lot of people, and young people are encouraged to punch them, deny them dinner, and kick them out of their Ubers. Those on the other side have plenty of names to call their opponents, too, like “snowflake” and “social justice warrior.”
It’s an exciting time to be a young person right now on all sides, marching, demonstrating, fighting in the streets, the resistance versus the counter-resistance.
It may be getting local, too, with the Michigan House primary race pitting Independence Township trustee against Independence Township trustee. No one is calling anyone a “Nazi” in this local race, but personnel documents from the state government unfavorable to one of the candidates, Jose Aliaga, were leaked to the media, sort of what happened in the 2016 presidential race.
The vandalism is probably unrelated to any of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

2 Responses to "PHIL IN THE BLANK: Vandals near and far"

  1. James Distelrath   July 25, 2018 at 10:38 pm

    Phil, in my opinion the last sentence of this article is superfluous and borderline slanderous. Your bias against Ms. Schroeder is obvious from the articles written on the topic (even those not related to the election). As indicated as a comment on a separate article, one’s work record as a public servant is clearly relevant when seeking a higher office. Would you not review the voting record of an incumbent?

    • Phil Custodio   July 26, 2018 at 9:29 am

      More on that situation is in this week’s edition.


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