PHIL IN THE BLANK: Looking for health

A trip to Ford Field is in order for me.
That became clear as I interviewed Frank Miglione for a story about his experience losing 135 pounds in two years.
He was helping plug the upcoming Men’s Health Event in Detroit on Sept. 21. Info provided by the organizers was also a gut check.
“Based on data collected at our previous Men’s Health Events, nearly half of Metro Detroit men see a doctor only when they are having a problem simply because they don’t like to or they’re scared,” said Dr. Michael Lutz, president of the MIU Men’s Health Foundation, which is presenting the event, and urologist with Michigan Institute of Urology.
I haven’t been to a doctor is at least 5-6 years. I lost more than 90 pounds in 2013 and was seeing a doctor during that process. The doctor was pleased with my progress at the time and put “fit” on my chart. That felt so good I haven’t seen a need to go back.
“Many of our most dangerous health conditions don’t have readily recognized symptoms until they are in advanced stages,” Dr. Lutz continued. “Our screenings save lives, and we have the most in-depth blood screening panel available at a free health event. Through the Men’s Health Event, we are inspiring men to ‘choose to know’ and equipping them to ‘fight like a man’ for their health.”
Several relatives of mine have dealt with cancer, heart attacks, and other ailments, so I worry about the “recognized symptoms” part, not that I would recognize them, anyway.
I’m still running and exercising fairly regularly, but quite a bit of the weight I worked so hard to get rid of has come back. My health numbers aren’t going to be great, but they’re something I need to hear.
The event sounds fun, too. I’ve never been on the field of Ford Field, so I’ll see about participating in the Orangetheory Fitness Challenge they’ll be offering.
Also raffle prizes, giveaways, complimentary lunch, guest speakers, and health and sports displays all sound good. And free men’s haircuts. I won’t be needing that as much.
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