PHIL IN THE BLANK: Rockin’ the Crim

A sizable contingent from the Clarkston Wolfpack running club had to get up a half hour early to make their way up to Flint for the Crim race last Saturday morning.
I just had to drive a few miles down the road from my house. Usually it’s the other way around – I make the drive to Clarkston while pack runners keep it local.
I got up early anyway, to bypass road barricades before they could be manned by police and get a good parking space.
I’ve been training on the hills north of Clarkston around Cranberry Lake, but the Bradley hills still packed their usual wallop. I started off strong, but I might have forgotten there are three of them.
It was the 40th anniversary year for the Crim. The 40 and almost-40 year veterans got to start first, and most wore special shirts indicating how many years. It was cool congratulating them on the course.
I finished with a decent time — 86 minutes for the 10-mile course. Not spectacular but within expectations.
Now with the Crim done, it’s time to start training for the Clarkston Backroads Half Marathon.
That means cooler weather’s on the way to run in, something I’m looking forward to after a long, hot, muggy summer.
My running schedule will be about the same, except I’ll try to increase distances up to 13-and-a-little-bit miles. Getting in more runs with the Wolfpack on Saturday mornings would help with that.
The race has settled in nicely in Independence Oaks County Park over the last couple years. The park has big hills, too, and much steeper. I’ll have to go to the park to train for those.
While out running, I run my lines from my part in the Clarkston Village Players’ upcoming production of “Lend Me a Tenor.” I play a bellhop who seems to be in competition with two ladies for the attention of a top opera star, visiting the hotel. In this he does not succeed. It’s probably for the best.
It’s still lots of fun, though. We’re starting to wear our costumes, which makes quite a difference.
The show opens on Friday, Sept. 9.

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