PHIL IN THE BLANK: Winter writer’s block

My story on the Clarkston High School RED group’s immigration project on page 4 was a long time coming. Not because it took a long time to report or write, but because of the weather.
Nolan Gerish, sophomore at Clarkston High School, contacted me back on Jan. 15 to see if I was interested in covering the story.
I was, but unfortunately we scheduled it for the next Wednesday at the high school.
“Could I meet with some group members after school on a Wednesday or Thursday in the library or computer lab for a picture and some more information,” I asked.
Wednesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days for interviewing folks, because the paper’s out and it’s time to start on the next one.
When Jan. 23 rolled around, schools were closed due to icy roads. No problem, we rescheduled for the next Wednesday, Jan. 30. It snowed again.
“Schools are closed once again today and tomorrow, do you want to reschedule at your convenience or meet at another place,” Nolan asked.
“Same time next week is fine for me. Weather should be warmer,” I responded, somewhat optimistically.
When Feb. 6 came around, it was indeed warmer, but that just meant slippery-er ice on those back roads and schools were closed yet again.
“School is closed again today due to ice, sorry for another inconvenience,” Nolan emailed. “We can reschedule at your convenience or meet somewhere else if you would still like to meet us. Thank you for bearing with us through the weather.”
Finally getting the message this year’s winter particularly hates Wednesdays, I rescheduled for Friday, and at the newspaper office just in case.
“Could we meet at the newspaper office, 5 S. Main St. next to Rudy’s? Maybe that would break the bad-weather-Wednesday cycle,” I said.
Only Nolan was able to make it. A Wednesday at the high school really would have been more convenient for everyone if only the weather had cooperated even a little bit.
Now another snow storm is forecast for Tuesday, heading into Wednesday. Whatever Wednesday did to upset winter must have been pretty bad.

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