Plan in place for fall tournaments

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Wolves and Mountaineers could finish their playoff season for the fall if allowed by the Michigan Departmen of Health and Human Services.
Michigan High School Athletic Association’s Representative Council approved adjusted schedules to restart and finish fall tournaments when the three-week pause would end Wednesday, Dec. 9. It started on Nov. 18 in hopes of halting the rising cases of COVID-19.
“We understand where COVID numbers were trending, and that’s why we have been supportive of the order to pause,” MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl said. “But these Fall sports deserve closure, and this strategy provides the best opportunities without further interruptions to a normal course of training and competition. A very small percentage of our teams remain active in our Fall tournaments, also limiting potential exposure to the virus across the state.”

Shay Bordine serves against Troy, Nov. 10. The Clarkston Varsity Volleyball could be back to play in the playoffs on Dec. 15 if athletes go back to play Dec. 9. Photo by Larry Wright

If all goes to plan, the Clarkston Varsity Volleyball team will play in their Quarterfinal game against Grand Blanc on Tuesday, Dec. 15. The semifinals will be played Dec. 17-18 with the finals on Dec. 19.
Girls swimming and diving finals will be Tuesday, Dec. 22 for diving and Wednesday, Dec. 23 for swimming.
“I will say it is a positive – they said that was one of their goals when Mark Uyl spoke to the ADs, he made it very clear it was a goal of the MHSAA to finish out fall, winter and spring this year. That is always a positive thing to hear,” said said Clarkston Athletics Director Jeff Kosin.
The Clarkston Everest Collegiate Varsity Football team would be able to play the 11-player Division 8 Regional 4 championship against Petersburg Summerfield on Tuesday, Dec. 15 or Wednesday, Dec. 16.
Kosin added it comes down doing what has been asked – wearing a mask and social distancing.
“I jokingly say athletics is in a bubble and it is,” Kosin said. “Those kids especially distance learning kids that’s the only time you see them is at a practice or at your games. We are waiting for the community to follow suit. As Steve Hyer mentioned at the board meeting (Nov. 23), the community has to do what our kids have been asked to do. When that happens, things will get back to normal, get kids back to school and back to athletics, and that’s the main goal for everybody.”
All teams still playing in the fall season can resume practice on Dec. 9, as well as winter sports teams, which the Council also approved.
The Council meets again on Dec. 4 for its annual Fall Meeting. They will consider possible tournament adjustments necessary due to the shortened Winter competition season.

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