Plans for the future

Alyssa Vela and Jaclyn Otto have decided to attend college close to home.
Last Thursday, they signed their letters of intent.
Vela will be joining the swim team at Oakland University and Otto will play basketball for the Warriors of Rochester college.
Vela is the first swimmer from Clarkston to receive a scholarship.
‘I am really excited for her,? said Coach Kenwyn Chock. ‘It shows the other girls what’s out there, what opportunities there are if they work hard and swim during the off-season, achieve all-state status, they can get scholarships.?
Swimming close to home will allow family and the boys and girls swimming team to watch Vela at her meets at Oakland University.
‘We get to watch her swim in college, which is really important,? said Chock.
For the past two years, Vela has been an all-state swimmer. She began competitive swimming when she was six years old.
Before she chose to become a Grizzly, Vela had a decision to make when Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Oakland University, and a few out-of-state colleges accepted her.
Her parents, Jamie and Marie, offered her support in the decision.
‘We told her ‘you’ll be an adult, it’s your decision,?? said dad, Jamie. ‘I am very, very excited for my daughter.?
‘I’m excited,? said Alyssa. ‘It’s a good team and I like the team members. I think it just offered me the best opportunity all around.?
Alyssa will be majoring in pre-med with a minor in Spanish to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor. Her current grade point average is 3.5.
Otto started making baskets when she was three years old. Her dad, Jim Otto, owns Basketball America, so it was no surprise to him or his wife, Gail, that their daughter would continue to play basketball in college.
‘She grew up there,? said Jim. ‘It’s exciting. It’s something that she has always wanted to do.?
‘I’m really excited to be playing on a different level,? said Jaclyn. ‘I loved basketball and I wanted to continue a little bit, and they have a good program there.?
Jaclyn had gone to one of the games at Rochester College and liked the way Joel Schroeder coached the team.
Schroeder had coached the men’s basketball team at Rochester College for five years before taking over the women’s team.
He had been looking for local players when he noticed Jaclyn play.
‘Her parents did a great job with her. Coach (Tim) Wasilk did a great job with her,? said Schroeder. ‘We are really excited. She’s really going to bring a lot to our program. We are in need of a point guard and she plays point guard position and she’s done a great job She can handle the ball, she can defend, she can shoot. We are really excited about that.?
‘She has put the time in. She is a smart, heavy player. I think she will do a great job. I am really excited for Jaclyn,? said girls varsity basketball Coach Tim Wasilk.
Jaclyn currently holds a 3.0 grade point average. She will be studying elementary education while she is attending Rochester College.