Professional Dental celebrates decade serving Clarkston area

Dr. Brian Davidson and Dr. Amy Davidson of Professional Dental of Clarkston.

The team at Professional Dental of Clarkston is celebrating a major milestone, serving the community with excellence and professionalism for a decade. It was just over two years ago that Professional Dental of Clarkston doubled the size of their facility when they moved into their current location at 5748 Clarkston road.
The new facility has provided their patients many added benefits in the implementation of new technology, clinical care, along with convenience and availability of appointments. “It’s been our privilege for us to serve the Clarkston and surrounding communities for the past 10 years,” said Dr. Brian Davidson, who serves as the practice’s primary general dentist.
“Our patients are amazing. After 10 years, we’ve been able to see kids grow up, go to college, it’s fantastic. Dr Brian and I are so thankful to have such an outstanding team that surrounds us each and every day,” said Dr. Amy Davidson, licensed dentist who provides the orthodontic along with growth and development services at Professional Dental of Clarkston.
They both are very dedicated to continuing education in the dental field and have sought continuing education from some of the country’s most respected dentists. Drs. Brian and Amy Davidson believe in a physiologic “whole body” approach to dental care.
In November 2014, Dr. Brian Davidson achieved the elite “fellowship” distinction at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI). In doing so, he became one of less than 10 dentists in the state of Michigan to be awarded this unique distinction.
His forte has always been comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry. He remains committed to the latest trends, clinical techniques, and dental products available. Advanced post graduate training has allowed Dr. Davidson the privilege to help many patients that have suffered a lifetime of many chronic painful conditions, including teeth clenching / grinding, TMJ disorder, chronic headaches, migraines, cervical neck and shoulder pain, poor head and neck posture, worn down teeth, and /or a “bad bite.” ”Our passion is always to find better ways for us to treat our patients,” he said.
Since 2007, Dr. Amy Davidson passion in dentistry has been in the area of Orthodontics. Shortly after dental school, she completed a 2-year intensive orthodontic training program with Progressive Orthodontics Seminars (POS). This program has a proven 34-year history of successfully training over 7,000 general dentists from all over the world. The POS program helped to provide Dr. Amy her initial foundation of clinical orthodontic knowledge. She considers herself a truly dedicated life-long student in the dental field.
Currently, she continues to expand her knowledge through several leading educational organizations including LVI in the areas of Physiologic and Full Face Orthopedic concepts.
“We never stop learning and finding new ways to treat patients better,” she said.
She is also a certified “Preferred Provider” in Invisalign, trained to diagnose and treat lip and tongue ties on infants and children. Dr. Amy’s primary treatment concepts focus on airway health and the in-depth diagnosis of physiologic dental and skeletal malocclusions (“bad bites”).
She understands that straight teeth do not always translate to a healthy TMJ, muscle/jaw balance, or airway health. These cutting-edge concepts are what Dr. Amy is passionate about in dentistry. It is important for her to consider proper muscle balance with the TMJ joints in every one of her patients. Recognizing airway obstruction and sleep / breathing disorders in both her adult and pediatric patients is paramount.
This year their longest tenured hygienist Lori Callender became a certified orofacial myology specialist. Lori has been with Professional dental of Clarkston since 2009. She is one of a select few of professionals in the metro Detroit area to hold this type of certification.
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD) are muscle disorders of the face, mouth, lips, or jaw. When untreated they can cause such issues as speech problems, sleep / breathing disorders, abnormal jaw growth, relapse of orthodontic treatment, and affect stability of the TMJ joint.
Lori is able to work independently to resolve these issues as well as in combination with Dr. Amy’s treatment to create a situation of optimal success. For more information, call 248-620-6200 or visit

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