Reader appreciates candidate’s security experience

Dear Editor,
North Korea. Afghanistan. Syria. Russia. China.
With so many difficult international situations facing our country, we need someone representing us in Congress who has substantial experience working with U.S. national defense agencies.
Elissa Slotkin is that person. The former acting assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs at the Pentagon, Ms. Slotkin worked in the administrations of both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
Yes, people who can work with both Republicans and Democrats are alive and well and running for Congress in our district.
As a member of the CIA who served three tours of duty in Iraq, Elissa Slotkin has shown she is a mission-focused fighter who will take on the tough problems that face our country in areas like healthcare, education, infrastructure investments and tax relief for the middle class, not just for corporations and the mega-wealthy.
Elissa Slotkin has the national security experience and solid character we definitely need in Congress.
Henry S. Woloson
Independence Township