Reader impressed with candidate

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your excellent recent article introducing congressional candidate Elissa Slotkin who was campaigning door to door in Clarkston (“Congressional campaign kicksoff in Clarkston,” Feb. 7).
As an independent voter, I am very impressed with Ms. Slotkin’s national security background in the CIA and in the Executive Branch.
We need more people in Congress who have demonstrated they can work effectively as she did in the White House Office of the Director of National Intelligence under both Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama.
What a concept. People who can work with members of both political parties.
When someone with Ms. Slotkin’s exceptional credentials is running for Congress, we should put our national interests over politics.
Add the fact that she is a highly-qualified woman at a time when women make up over 50 percent of our population but are only 20 percent of the members of Congress and Elissa Slotkin becomes by far the best choice to represent us in Washington.
Henry S. Woloson
Independence Township

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