Readers reply with ideas for Rudy’s

Change is coming to Rudy’s Market, as its owners look to remake the long-time business to suit today’s economy.  Owners Robert Esshaki and Christopher Thomas said they are open to ideas, which The Clarkston News requested on its Facebook page, along with memories of the 87-year-old Main Street shop, as well as downtown.

As a person who almost always walks downtown, having businesses I can walk to is important. As much as I like our downtown restaurants, it takes more than that to be a viable downtown that serves the needs of the area residents. There is so much the Village of Clarkston downtown has lost already, it would be terrible to lose a store like Rudy’s.

– Cory Johnston

PLEASE NO MORE RESTAURANTS! Keep it as a market, they have the best potato salad ever!!

– Sheila Hughes

Definitely don’t need another restaurant. They need to advertise more. I didn’t know they catered until I read the article yesterday (Jan. 8). Add old fashion candy like they used to sell at old general stores.

– Terra Durnen

Aren’t there enough restaurants downtown already? As far as memories, Rudy’s and Hallman’s for candy when I was a kid. Also the bake shop, book store, and Coaches Corner. When I do make it back to Clarkston, I usually stop for Union Mac & Cheese, and sometimes Rudy’s for wine, and something from the deli.

– Jim Nichols

Is anybody saying, “You know what Downtown Clarkston needs? Another restaurant!” NO! We have enough restaurants on Restaurant Row, I mean Main Street. Rudy’s is truly the gem of Clarkston. That is the first place anybody visiting from out of town wants to visit. The owners and employees are wonderful and beloved by their patrons.

– Jennifer Evans

No more restaurants! If they feel change is needed, think about making the market more unique, for all the restaurant-goers to stop in and grab something different!

– Kim Christie

Definitely not a restaurant, but maybe a few little bistro tables set up for a those who’d like to eat a quick bite or have a cup of coffee, but continue having prepped gourmet foods (sandwiches, sides, salad kits, deli/cheeses) along with a great beer and wine selection, and fresh bread would be a bonus!

– Susan Risko

I cannot even imagine downtown without Rudy’s Market. We have lived in town for 23 years. I could send my kids to walk to Rudy’s to grab a gallon of milk, we’ve had them cater our Christmas Eve dinner for 20 years. We pop in for wine and snacks all the time. Robert, Chris, Max and Andy are like family.

– Lynnie Rene

Eliminate the deli/prepared food, keep the adult beverages, do milk, bread, eggs, butter, etc., open up the south/east window for 2-3 small bistro tables with two chairs, small coffee and beverage bar, have Clarkston News and Clarkston magazines, wifi. Just scale back!

– Karen Kenneweg

A nice farm-to-table restaurant or a French bistro would be great.

– Kelly Deanr

Keep the market! They offer so many fun, and different things there! Owners are so nice too!

– Christine Cooper

I remember as a Cub Scout marching in the parade the town held for Rudy Schwarz when he retired, when they laid the plaque on the flower bed in Depot Park.

– Mark Heil

It would be a tragedy to lose Rudy’s as a market. Not to mention, we don’t have the parking in downtown for another restaurant.

– Miranda Wheeler

I love Rudy’s Market!!!

– Connie Reilly

I think they could update the store. I went in there for the first time over the summer and although the people were very friendly, the first thing we thought was it needed some updating and, yes, more advertising. But otherwise I think people enjoy having the mom and pop feel of that store.

– Lynette Douglas

Leave Rudy’s a market! Too many restaurants already. No shopping.

– Alaina Humphreys

Not another restaurant.

– Lisa Lewis

I was just talking to another Clarkston friend that Rudy’s is still so great, organized and good! That you could still get cookies, hummus and pizza. Downtown doesn’t need another restaurant.

– Maryagnes Van Klaveren

So many people love Rudy’s but in order for small businesses to sustain and thrive, people need to shop local and more often. I think Rudy’s Market is one of the best parts of downtown!

– Kimberly Wasilk

I love really good unique breakfast/brunch (available every day) and Middle Eastern Food + great desserts. Keep beer, wine and liquor.

– Nancy Ann Faralisz

I have loved Rudy’s forever for their hot food items, and support any business that is willing to change in order to grow. That is hard! My favorite memory is when I spent $25 the day before Thanksgiving for ingredients for green bean casserole because I didn’t want to go to Kroger. It’s definitely a specialty market. Looking forward to what they do next!

– Wendy Lou Hoo

What is important is that the facade remains completely intact – no enlarging the windows, creating additional entries or altering the facade. The historic fabric must be maintained!

– Courtney Levingston

My kids love having a store downtown so they can walk or ride their bikes there for a pop or snack, and I like knowing that I can run in and out for the grocery items I need without driving down to kroger. Please don’t close!

– Chris Whitley

Keep the market! Maybe if you feel you need to ad something could you do like ice cream. Like maybe a soda fountain type bar. People with young kids and adults too would love that.

– Mary Beth Oldroyd Salo

Leave it as it is, the only thing left in town that exudes small town atmosphere!

– Jeannie Thibault

Keep it as is! I love our little market!

– Debra Lippincott Jahn

I wouldn’t want to see the name change! I knew Rudy and have fond memories as a little girl visiting his store. ??

– Erika Hunt-Arms

Please consider a bulk, low/no waste store. There are none in the area and downtown homes are likely people who could afford it.

– Natalie Pagel

You can’t have enough! Enjoy the journey – eat out often with your friends

– Michael C Blicher

A Dessert Oasis?

– Cari Neubeck

What a shame if this were to change and they abandon how they started. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and would still love to go there. But to turn it into a partial restaurant in all ready over saturated area. I’m not sure what they can offer that would make them stand out amongst the other places. As we all know parking is a nightmare and the bar would be raised if this idea is approved by our local government that has no foresight as it is even if you lead them through the trees.

– David Yackell