Wendi’s Word: Readyin’ to get to sheddin’

I am ready.
I have said this many times. But I couldn’t say this during the beginning of the summer or during the summer because to be honest I wasn’t ready – mentally or emotionally.
I can say it now – I am ready to go back on my Shape Reclaimed plan through Nuview Nutrition.
I (covers eyes) have fallen to the COVID weight gain. Call it COVID-25, or COVID-30, either way it’s there.
Before the COVID pandemic, I was going to get back on Shape Reclaimed in April/May, lose a few pounds for my cousin’s wedding in July.
I opted to wait, at the time didn’t know what would happen not only with my cousin’s wedding but really with anything especially when grocery stores were low on food.
With Shape Reclaimed it’s a very specific so didn’t really chance not being able to find the right foods. It’s been six months and we have gone to grocery stores where it’s not too limited.
I am ready even with holidays just around the corner and National Novel Writing Month also around the corner. When it comes down to it, there will always be some reason, some upcoming event not to do it. Just have to stop the cycle.
But, the first phase of Shape Reclaimed is pumping up those fat cells which times perfectly with the birthday weekend so that worked out – no reason to stop the cycle and miss out on a perfectly good birthday weekend.
Plus, for National Novel Writing Month there will be no in person events including write-ins this year due to COVID pandemic. Headquarters let us Municipal Liaisons know in the summer not to hold any in person events. Actually us three MLs for the Flint region were discussing it prior before the notification. So no worries about not to be able to be a good patron at the food places we hold write-ins (as good as the butternut squash soup is at one place it is creamy and high in calories.) Also, won’t miss out on treats at kick off or TGIO (Thank Goodness It’s Over) events. Now just 31-plus days to figure out what to do. Rebel and edit, or…
Stay well, Clarkstonites.

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