Regional meet for chance to race at states

Though Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Sunday’s Groundhog Day, predicting an early spring, the Clarkston High School Ski teams are hoping he’s wrong so they have ideal winter conditions for the rest of their season.
They raced against Waterford United and Everest Collegiate during the third week of competition, beating both teams. The temperature for their Slalom race on Jan. 21 was 31 degrees, for fairly good race conditions. The varsity boys team was led by Andrew Roeser, in 10th place; Luke Farella, 16th; Andrew Foyteck, 35th; and David Robinson, 43rd. The other varsity racers included Noah Ostheimer, Nico Cifani and Gunnar Karlstrom.

Allison Osborn and Olivia Foyteck celebrate their four years with the ski team on Senior Night. Photo provided

The varsity girls team had all seven racers place in the top 20 with Courtney Bayley in third place; Sydney Thomas, fifth; Phoebe Savoie, sixth; and Lyndsey Nicosia, eighth; followed by Olivia Foyteck, 13th; Maddie Leithouser, 17th; and Allison Osborn, 18th.
A race time temperature of 30 degrees made for fairly good course conditions again the Giant Slalom race, Jan. 22. Roeser finished in 11th place for the boys team followed by Farella, 14th, Karlstrom, 26th, and Ostheimer, 31st.
Racers on the varsity girls team ruled the top 20 again with all seven placing. Bayley led with her second place finish; Savoie finished in fourth place; Thomas tied for fifth; Nicosia, 10th; Leithauser,14th; Foyteck, 17th; and Osborn, 19th.
The Wolves raced against Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Adams and Stoney Creek for Week 4. The boys lost their matches while the girls found success winning their matches.
A race time temperature of 35 degrees made for less than ideal couse conditions for Senior Night and the Giant Slalom race, Jan. 28. The boys were led by Roeser in 11th place; Karlstrom, 24th; Ostheimer, 36th; and Foyteck, 39th; followed by Farella, Sawyer Haiss and Robinson.
Bayley led the girls with her third place finish. Thomas finished in fifth place followed by Savoie in ninth place; Leithauser, 10th; Nicosia, 13th; Foyteck, 21st; and Osborn, 38th.
Seniors Olivia Foyteck and Allison Osborn shared what the ski team has meant to them.
“It has been a big part of my life for the past four years,” said Osborn. “I’ve had a lot of great memories and met friends that will last a lifetime.”
Foyteck agreed, adding “ski racing requires focusing on details because hundies matter.”
The Slalom race, Jan. 29, was a difficult course due to the continued warm weather and soft snow. The placement of the gates also made for a more challenging course.
The boys team was led by Farella, finishing in 16th place; Ostheimer, 32nd; Robinson, 51st; and Cifani, 61st. The girls team had six of their seven racers finish in the top 25, with Thomas in third place; Bayley, fifth; Savoie, eighth; Nicosia, tenth; Foyteck, 12th; and Osborn, 24th.
The racers compete in the Pine Knob Divisional meets this week. The JV Divisional race was Tuesday. The varsity divisional races are Wednesday and Thursday.
The varsity team competes in the regional meet next Wednesday, Feb. 12, and will race for the opportunity to move on the the state final.

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