Request for driveway

Clarkston City Council tabled a request by city administration for authorization to install a new, $28,000 driveway for the renovated city hall.
The proposed driveway would be from Depot Road to the new DPW garage apron, and would include nine parking spaces, concrete curbs, and two storm drains.
The existing driveway was found to be breaking up due to it being three inches thick, and concrete curbs to protect the edges had not been installed, said City Manager Jonathan Smith at the Oct. 28 City Council meeting.
The City Hall Renovation Budget includes $8,000 for asphalt to connect the new garage entrance to the existing driveway. Funding for the $28,000 project would include that $8,000 budget, with the other $20,000 from the Parking Kiosk Fund, which has a current balance of $44,515.
The city received two estimates for the work, $26,700 and $39,808. When postponing its decision, City Council asked Smith to get three more bids for the concrete or asphalt work.
The driveway would end at the front sidewalk and would not include the proposed parking lot south of city hall.

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  1. Cory Johnston   November 6, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Fortunately some of the council members and members of the audience pointed out that the bidding process violated city charter and ordinance requirements, that funds would have to be taken from other accounts to pay for Village Hall related work, and that there are safety concerns with the proposed arrangement of parking, pedestrians and DPW vehicles. What will be done about any of that is unknown but at least it may now be considered.


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