Rivenburgh touchdown seals the deal

Less than two minutes remained in Friday night’s game at Troy High School.
The gridiron gang from Clarkston led with six points, and the Wolves had possession of the ball. The plan was to run down the clock.
The plan changed when the line of scrimmage was pushed back because of a penalty.
The Wolves went for a deep pass on their second down. Quarterback Tyler Scarlett connected with Kyle Rivenburgh on an 86-yard pass and Rivenburgh scored a touchdown.
Luke Prudhomme scored a two point conversion from Scarlett’s pass.
The game ended, 35-21, giving the Colts their first loss of the season.
‘I think it just speaks about the confidence we have in Scarlett,? said long-time Wolves Head Coach Kurt Richardson. ‘Our goal was just to have them eat up the clock and use up our time outs. Then, we would be at second and three, which is exactly where we wanted to be. We got the penalty. We knew we couldn’t feel comfortable running the ball three times and so we decided to throw it.?
Scarlett and Rivenburgh scored the first two touchdowns in the first half of the game, but the Colts? Kevin Muma and Damon Brown tied the score before the half-time break.
Troy took the lead during the third quarter, but the Wolves took control of the scoreboard in the last twelve minutes. They scored three touchdowns, two from Rivenburgh and one from Scarlett.
‘We played better, but not to my expectations yet,? said Richardson. ‘We had a couple turnovers that I wasn’t happy with. We had some dropped passes. We can’t make those mistakes as we go down the road. We’re going to see better and better teams, and hopefully we get a shot at the playoffs.?
Defense is still an issue as the season progresses.
‘We are still giving up too much yardage and too many points,? said Richardson.
Clarkston and Lake Orion lead the league with both teams at 2-0 in the OAA Red.
The boys will host West Bloomfield (2-1, 1-1 OAA Red) this Friday.
‘They are a very skilled team, very, very athletic. They move very well. They’re very fast,? said Richardson.
‘We’re going to have to bring our ‘A? game. We can’t turn over. We have to stop big plays because they are a big play team. We have to make them drive the full length of the field.?
Kickoff is at 6:55 p.m. at the Clarkston High School stadium.