Road grading needed

Dear Editor,
Myself and all my neighbors are constantly calling the Road Commission for Oakland County to help keep our road graded and safe. To no avail.
Every dirt road around us, Dartmouth and Indianwood Road, are perfect. Ours, being Indianwood Drive, is totally impassable, and a threat to emergency vehicles, should need for them arise!
If a person was to get in an ambulance, provided they could get down the road; would probably fall off a gurney, and require further medical attention. This road is very unsafe, and not maintained, as the rest around us.
Please help! We have 200 homes back here in jeopardy of emergency vehicles getting in or out! Any help would be greatly appreciated, and add safety to our community. Thank you, Clarkston News, for all you do!
Corrine Mazza
Independence Township

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