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Clarkston News Staff Writer
The days are narrowing down to the 9th Annual RUSH Regatta at Deer Lake Beach this Saturday.
“I am dreading sinking,” said Clarkston High School senior Conor Look about his first Regatta, adding he hopes to super waterproof the cardboard and duct tape boat.
Students from Team RUSH 27 are divided into teams to not only build and race a boat but also collect sponsorships and funds for the upcoming robotics season.
Look with his teammates senior Haley Velisek, junior Dillon Myatt and sophomore Brian Glowski shared why they will win this year as they compete for Wicked Fast Watercraft, Enterprising & Seaworthy Sailors Award, Cash Crusaders Award and the RUSH Cup.
“We have a really good group,” said Velisek. “We have some returning kids and new kids who have turned in money so we know how to talk to companies and we know how to get sponsorships. Both of these guys are good at boat building. We have that knowledge. I was on the winning team last year so that helps.”
Velisek and Glowski added they are looking forward to Saturday.
“Every regatta is different,” said Velisek. “It’s a new team every year so it’s fun getting to know the people on your team and building a cool boat.”
“I am excited,” said Glowski. “My friend did it last year and he was telling me about it. I like the whole idea of it – make a boat and race across Deer Lake.”
Senior Damon Rothrock with sophomores Lily Craighead, Emily Jeung and Ben Forbush plan they will win on Saturday as the underdog team.
“We have a lot of big sponsors on our list,” said Rothrock. “If we can get them to sponsor we will jump up quickly to our goal. Boatwise I have a lot of experience building a boat. I can lead us and teach them how to build a boat for next year.”
They added the Medieval theme will also help them when win. While researching they looked at old naval boats and found one like a Viking ship.
“It has the two points on both ends,” explained Jeung.
“It can cut through the water,” added Rothrock. “We are going to build it with curved pieces instead of ridges.”
He added he has never built a sinking boat and for his team he is the only one who has built a boat.
“It’s a good time for him to prove himself and a good experience for the rest of us,” said Jeung.
Both teams invite the community to come see the RUSH Regatta this Saturday.
“It’s a really fun event just getting to see boats sink or float,” said Velisek. “It’s really cool to see kids and adults get inspired by STEM and learn more about robotics. When I first joined the team I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t know robotics would be building cardboard boats.”
“It’s cool to see the work we have done to put forth for us to go to different competitions. They can see how hard we have been working,” Jeung added.
The boat parade begins at 12 p.m.

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