Scholarly Wolves

Scholarly Wolves

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

As the 2021-22 school year winds down, it’s the season of recognition for Clarkston students that have worked hard in the classroom all year long.
Back on May 12 at the Fountains Golf and Banquet Center, the top 25 senior scholars from Clarkston High School were honored at the 24th annual Senior Scholar Breakfast event, presented by Waterford Bank.
All 25 students were recognized one at a time in front of their families and CHS Principal Gary Kaul and Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Shawn Ryan spoke to the families.
“This class, these top 25 seniors, they’re so accomplished in so many different ways,” said Ryan. “Musically, academically, athletically, in community service, their grades are almost the most minimum part of what they are and what they bring into this room.”
Kaul said that the students and families should be equally proud of all the students achieving the milestone of not only being model students the past four years but finishing in the top echelon of their class.
“To all the students here, you hit the genetic lottery,” said Kaul. “You have gotten these great grades because your parents have provided the DNA to you. What separates the top 25 is what you have done with the gifts you have been given. It’s your work ethic, your community involvement, your music, your athletics, it’s everything you do outside of school.”
The top 25 senior scholars, in alphabetical order, includes Avery Bell, Breanna Bodine, Meredith Brennan, Landon Butcher, Cole Campbell, Hana Chrenka, Mackenzie Fazekas, Jacob Firby, Madelynn Frendo, Gabriel Gipe, Elizabeth Haar, Ava Hoffman, Carson Keilitz, John Mueller, Audrey Parker, Ashley Petker, Gabriella Post, Rachel Raupp, Lauryn Sajan, Andrew Sesti, Alexander Speer, Sophia Walker, Adam Walsh, Elise Wilhelm, and Gwendolyn Zabel.

PHOTO: The Clarkston High School top scholars for the Class of 2022 gathers on the steps of the Fountains Golf and Banquet Center, May 12, after a breakfast ceremony. Photo: Matt Mackinder

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