Sink, float, win in annual race

Clarkston News Staff Writer

It didn’t matter if their cardboard and duct tape boats tipped over, sunk or crossed the finish line – Clarkston High School students had smiles during the 14th Annual RUSH Regatta on Saturday.

RUSH Regatta Cup Champions is Team 2, from left in back, Justin Rosenberg, Joseph McGowan, Hadden Simmons, Leopold Gach; front row Mark O’Daniel and Elizabeth Williams.

“It was a wonderful day,” said Kyle Hughes, Team RUSH 27 Robotics Director. “During the day, I totally forgot about COVID because it felt so normal. The students did an amazing job building these boats and learning about the entire process. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”
Team 2 finished the day as RUSH Regatta Cup Champions.

Team 5 and Team 2 paddle it out during the final race of the 2021 RUSH Regatta. Photos by Wendi Reardon Price

Award for Enterprising and Seaworthy Sailors went to Team 1; Cash Crusaders went to Team 4; and Wicked Fast Watercraft went to Team 5.
The team raised over $30,000 for the upcoming robotics season. Over $700 was raised for the John Lafata Heart Scholarship, named in honor of Lafata who was a junior on the team when he passed away.
“We want people to remember him and his passion and wonderful heart for our team,” Hughes said.

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