Spring into arts

Clarkston News Editor
The arts are blooming along with May flowers throughout downtown this spring. This weekend, the Gateway hosts an atrium filled with artwork at the Clarkston Cultural Arts Council’s second annual Art in the Atrium silent art auction.
The May 20 event helps fund the council’s ongoing efforts to sponsor public gardens at Main and Washington in downtown Clarkston, Easels in the Park during the annual Concerts in the Park, Harmony in the Park kids events in Depot Park, and Community Sings.
“In the past few years, we’ve seen a tremendous growth of awareness in regards to making the arts a core of our community placemaking efforts,” said Denyse Couture, creative director. “We have much work to do in this continuing labor of love. Visual art, music, performance art, dance, poetry, and interactive art are all examples of concepts we are bringing to life right now.”
Art in the Atrium will feature artwork from talented local artists, wonderful offerings for silent auction, as well as unique music, food, and drink at the Gateway, 7150 N. Main Street, Couture said.
“We count on memberships, grants, classes, and project sponsorships to enable us to continue moving forward. If you recognize how extraordinarily impactful art can be to our community, we welcome you to join us for our fundraiser,” she said. “We need you. We need your participation. We need your support. We need you to talk about the arts, to learn about the arts, to understand what the arts bring to a community as a whole, and as individuals.”
The council recently received its non-profit, 501c3 status, is 100 percent volunteer run, and working towards acquiring a brick and mortar home.
“This year we have again succeeded in having the Detroit Institute of Arts Inside|Out art presentation back to the Clarkston area with plans for a permanent art walk,” said Cory Johnston, vice president.
Art classes are ongoing in cooperation with Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors.
“We have planned partnerships with Clarkston Community Schools, Clarkston Family Farm, and ongoing cooperation with the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce and My Habitat Clarkston, all of which is probably the reason the Clarkston Cultural Arts Council is receiving the Clarkston Community Award for Community Collaboration this year,” Johnston said.
Check clarkstonarts.org, and on Facebook as “Clarkston Cultural Arts.”