Standing up for rights, beliefs

In lieu of this year’s annual trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Life, Everest student government planned a “We Stand for Life” event for students in eighth-12th grades, Jan. 29.
After early dismissal, high school students opted in to participate in a pro-life demonstration on Clarkston Road in support of the unborn and the end to abortion.
Despite the cold, students stood out on the unplowed sidewalks, praying the rosary and waving to passersby.
Students then proceeded to the high school gym where they had a time of prayer in Eucharistic Adoration.
EC student government president Michael McGrath and secretary Anthony Felix shared their testimonies with their peers.
“Life is up to God and His plan,” said Felix. “And I totally trust His plan, seeing His plan for me and everything He has done for me. As humans we’ve tried to play God and take things into our own hands, when really, it would be better to leave things up to His goodness.”

Joey Thibodeau (11th grade), Emiliano Ramirez (12th), Johnny Nedwick (11th), and Luke Walker (10th) take part in the Clarkston Road demonstration.


Everest juniors Celine Legg and Celeste James.


Pictured front are Jimmy Nedwick and Aiden Pagel, Everest eighth graders, while classmate Kristopher Dombrowski is in the back.


Everest sophomores Kristina Moran and Amelia Shripka.


Everest eighth graders Reagen Littleton, Addison Pearce, and Sarah Bradley.


Everest ninth grade students Caroline Beggs and Kathleen Thibodeau. Photos provided

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