State gathers school info

State Representative Eileen Kowall, of White Lake, along with seven Republican lawmakers visited Clarkston, Monday, for an Education Task Force on improving Michigan schools.
Parents, teachers, school administrators, and concerned community members from across the county were invited to share thoughts and ideas in an open discussion.
‘It is a format with no predetermined outcomes,? said Kowall. ‘It’s meant to get everyone building on possibilities, positive ideas and thinking about the future.?
Four questions were posed to the filled room as they sat around tables in groups – What is the purpose of education? What is it we are doing well? What systems need to be in place 10 years from now? and How do we get to this future and bridge the strengths to the future?
‘We want to come out with five to six priorities and suggestions we can take back to Lansing,? said Kowall.
Kent Roberts from the National Civility Center led the afternoon asking the questions and getting the thinking going.
‘Organizations that have abundant conversation are successful,? he said. ‘We want to try to problem solve, fix and work with what we have. We want to create a business case for education.?
While discussing what education means to every group a few points were brought up about what schools are doing now, especially in high school.
A point made was how the mission of high schools are focused on college prep requirements and students get frustrated when the requirements change and they aren’t told why and when.
Many thoughts on where the education system needs to be include the ever changing techonology and not using it as a crutch and also keeping in mind manufacturing and trade careers as future jobs. Another idea was bringing the community into the school and vice versa.
Around 70 people from all over Oakland County ? Milford, Brandon, Waterford, Rochester, West Bloomfield and Clarkson were at the task force hearing.
Ideas and suggestions were typed out to take back to Lansing.
‘Education is the long-term key to fixing our economy,? said Kowall.
They have traveled since June and started in Lapeer County. They traveled throughout different counties before making their final stop in Clarkston on their way back to Lansing.