Stop for pedestrian and runners’ safety

Dear Editor,
What will it take for drivers to realize the pedestrian walk between Depot Street and Honcho is a place to legally STOP and WAIT for people to cross within the crossing lines?
My running group and I cross Main Street every Saturday morning at least twice and I cannot remember a week where we did not have to stop and sometimes jump back out of the way of a car crossing right through the pedestrian lines.
Last week, even an Oakland County sheriff’s car sailed right through, no lights or sirens so it was not an emergency.
I and my group, especially those with children, would like to see the crosswalk monitored by police who issue tickets.
They would make a lot more money than the parking tickets given out, which have no victim, or possible victim and perhaps it would result in a safer crossing for all of us.
Otherwise, please consider flashing lights or some other way to warn drivers of its presence. Spread the word!
In safety,
Kathy Noble
Clarkston Wolfpack Running Group

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