Students reach Haiti-help goal

The goal was high but Pine Knob Elementary students were ready to raise $1,000 during ‘Our Hearts to Haiti? week.
They surpassed it – raising $1,637.64 in five days.
Fifth-grader Anne-Marie Dargay set the fundraiser in motion when she presented the idea to Principal Valerie Grimes.
Dargay had watched the news and images of the people affected by the earthquake, she saw they had little and wanted to help.
Along with students Allison Clark, Jala Smith and Kindness Revolution coordinator Rachel Stone, they brainstormed on ideas on what to do.
‘We came up with an idea for a fundraiser week,? said Dargay.
Students had a variety of options on how they wanted to help Haiti during the week of February 8-11.
For the low price of $1 they could wear a hat during ‘Hats on for Haiti? day or stay inside during recess and watch a movie in the warm gym.
On ‘Sacrifice for Haiti? day the students could donate any amount they wanted. Throughout the week the students brought in cans and bottles as well.
‘A lot of people helped out,? said Clark. ‘It was great everyone wanted to help out Haiti.?
They were surprised by all of the students and school staff donating during the week.
‘Before the week started I thought they wouldn’t have helped,? said Smith. ‘Once it got started my mind had changed – everyone participated.?
The girls handed the check to Amy Kubli, a Red Cross representative from the Southeast Michigan chapter.
She explained the donations will go towards providing a warm and safe shelter for the Haitians.
The goal is to have 1.3 million sheltered by May 1 – the height of the rainy season, said Kubli.
The donations will also go towards providing food, clean water and counseling to the earthquake victims.
Kubli also explained to them how the smallest donation goes a long way -a five dollar donation provides a water container for clean water and ten dollars is a first aid kit or two water containers for a family.
‘It means a great deal,? said Kubli about Pine Knob students helping. ‘As a chapter we are always very touched from the kids helping. It never gets old. It never loses its emotional value for us.?
Everyone who donated received a ‘I Helped Haiti? sticker.
Dargay, Clark and Smith are members of the student council and are preparing for their next project – recycling and picking up trash outside during April for Earth Day.
‘It is great to have student leaders that show their leadership through caring,? said Grimes.
Dargay, Clark and Smith have helped the Clarkston community as well. Along with their classmates they participate in the Kindness Revolution program.
Kindness Revolution was created at Pine Knob Elementary to have students and their families be more involved in the community through different projects.