Summer hip-hop collaboration

Ryn Scott of Clarkston, at right, and Jon Cooper. Photo provided

Rapper Ryn Scott of Clarkston recently teamed up with Flint star Jon Connor on a new collaboration set to be released this summer.
“The first time I met Jon was in 2011 when me and a friend of mine made the drive to Grand Rapids where Jon was performing at the Pyramid Scheme downtown, hoping I’d get a chance to meet him and try to perform for him after the show,” said the former Ryan Scott. During Connor’s’s set, Scott noticed Mateen Cleaves, Michigan State University basketball national champion, standing in the VIP section.
“I said, I’m going for it, and snuck past security to introduce myself to Mateen because he was actually responsible for discovering Jon and jump-starting his career,” Scott said. “I met Mateen, and he was nice enough to let me stay in his section and we kicked it for the rest of Jon’s show.”
Scott asked Cleaves if he could freestyle for Connor after the show and Cleaves brought him down for a meeting.
“I did my thing, but I don’t think it was good enough at the time to warrant any type of talk afterwards,” Scott said. “So after that, I told myself, I’m dedicating everything to my craft and one day I’ll have my artistry on point enough where I can work with someone like Jon Connor.”
With eight years of work, signing a production deal with Detroit producer, Jake Bass and Bassment Sounds, he finally connected with Connor and sent him a track Scott and Bass had been working on.
“He loved the track, felt the vibe, and agreed to put a verse on it and collaborate on a video,” Scott said. “The rest was history. The goal for our collaboration may sound cliche, but honestly it’s an anthem to set your heart free, take hold of your life, and make it happen.”
It’s about not giving up, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and relentlessly pushing towards it until you’re finally free, he said.
The song is titled, “I’m Free.”
“Expect to be inspired,” Scott said. “This track has an inspirational, positive upbeat tempo and we did our best to deliver the verses to match that. It’s really a track that embodies the human spirit and the power of the journey. I hope it connects.”
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