Supervisor Walls to retire, thanks residents

Dear Editor,
I have saved a quote for several years that says, “The more people you serve, the more successful you are.” I have tried to live up to that challenge. Springfield is a very special place, filled with special residents who have allowed me to serve you and I thank you all very much.
It may come as a surprise to some, but I have been wrestling with whether or not I should run for re-election as township supervisor this year, and have decided, after a lot of thought, that I will not be running.
I first ran for supervisor in 1976. I lost by two or three votes, but the winner resigned, and I was appointed for a term of two years. I planned to address some issues at the time and go back to selling real estate after two years.
They say life happens while you are making other plans, and what a life it has been.
Except for about two-and-a-half years when I thought I would retire, that original two years has turned into over 40 years, serving as supervisor of Springfield Township. The time spent has been a blessing despite a few bumps in the road.
I have sat at a table with leaders of Oakland County and Southeast Michigan, state representatives, senators, and Gov. Milliken, spoken around the state on zoning, planning, and environmental preservation, but those memories will never match the pride and honor of being able to serve the residents of Springfield and the friends I have made.
Thanks to all those residents who have supported me and Springfield Township, and to all of those who have given time serving on boards and commissions during my time as supervisor. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve such a great community and its great residents.
Diana and I plan to stay active and we look forward to new opportunities and new challenges. We will be staying in Springfield. Where else could we possibly go? This is home.
Collin Walls
Springfield Township

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