PHIL IN THE BLANK: Once more into the breach

One more weekend of me playing a ghost-hunting 12th century Danish soldier in a 20th century U.S. Army uniform, in Clarkston Village Players’ comedy production of Hamlet II. My has the time flied. My first time performing in any theater production, I still get nervous before each show, waiting in the wings in the dark […]

Hamlet II with CVP

Hamlet II with CVP

Cyrano Jones’ Hamlet discusses a new view on life with the ghost, played by James Hoxsey. Photo by Phil Custodio Clarkston Village Players’ Hamlet II by Sam Bobrick, a loose retelling of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy as a comedy, continues May 13-15 and 19- 21. The shows are at Depot Theater, 4861 White Lake Road. Call […]

Comedy of ‘Hamlet II’

Clarkston Village Players hit the stage with “Hamlet II,” a loose retelling of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy played for laughs, with an irritable ghost, a pregnant Ophelia, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern a la Groucho Marx. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, knows something is rotten – but finds himself quoting Edgar Allen Poe while debating whether to be, […]