Teamwork learned at camp

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A team of girls in tutus battled against their opponents wearing tie dyed T-shirts while two teams in pink played each other on the other side of the gym during Clarkston Volleyball Camp, June 21.
“I gave the girls their teams and gave them a little bit of time to work out logistics. Then said, select a team T-shirt color,” said Clarkston Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Kelly Pinner. “They came up with that, and it brings them closer as a team.”
She added they had good attendance for the camp which ran June 18-22 with a session for players entering 5-8 grades and another session for those entering 9-12.

Clarkston Varsity Volleyball Head Coach Kelly Pinner shows the campers how to do the next drill. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“We have a lot of talent both in the younger and in the older group,” Pinner said. “It definitely makes the coaches excited about the future. They are all enjoying themselves, which is good. We have some good staff working with them this year.”
Campers learned from Pinner, the coaching staff for the Clarkston program, varsity players and alumni including those who play or have played on the collegiate level.
Pinner added the camp helps players going into grades 9-12 for the upcoming fall season, which begins August 8 with tryouts/practice.
“It’s our first chance to really work together,” she said. “It gives us an opportunity to start working together a little bit and seeing where our strengths and weaknesses are so we can start working on it come August.”
She added it also helps the players see where they stand.
“It fosters some competitiveness within them which is always good,” she explained. “If you know someone is vying for your spot, they can see it here in camp. Hopefully it makes them work harder in the next couple of months.”
The volleyball season for seventh and eighth grade teams begins in January with tryouts.
Clarkston Volleyball Camp is offered through Clarkston Community Education and Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors. For more information or to check offer camps and summer activities, please visit

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