Thank you: A Clarkston News editorial

Thanksgiving is a wonderful American tradition – a time to reflect, give thanks and to spend time with family and friends.
Another American tradition we are thankful for is a free press, or more specifically the tradition of community newspapers.
Of course, we’re biased but we truly are thankful for community newspapers. We’re grateful for our staff which produces your community newspaper. We’re grateful for our readers and members of the community who welcome us into their homes every week. We’re grateful to our local business community who support us and trust us to deliver their messages week in and week out. Without the community support there would be no community newspaper.
In 1890, Dr. Fred Newton Scott created the first continuous course in journalism in the United States at the University of Michigan. He wrote The Newspaper in a Free Society – (a) reminder of what a free press means to us. In part this reads:
A free press is…
Mirror of the public mind, interpreter of public intent, troubler of the public conscience.
Reflector of every human interest, friend of every righteous cause, encourager of every generous act.
Bearer of intelligence, dispeller of ignorance and prejudice, a light shining in all dark places.
Chronicler of facts, sifter of rumors and opinion, minister of the truth that makes men free.
Reporter of the new, remembrancer of the old and tired, herald of what is to come.
Upbuilder of the home, nourisher of the community spirit, arts, letters, and science of the common people.
* * *
We’re grateful we offer the community the choice of quality, original and independent content about their local government, neighbors, events and happenings. We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide information based on fact, versus rumor and innuendo.
Thank you for giving us this privilege.
The Clarkston News Staff
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