Thank you, Clarkston, for support

Dear Editor,
Last Thursday, Neiman’s Family Market hosted its second Ribfest of the year — and it was a wonderful success! We grilled up slabs of ribs and sold ’em hot and ready AND with each rib sale we promised to donate $5 to Clarkston Community Schools.
Thank you, Clarkston! Because of you we sold 484 slabs of ribs and this month will donate $2,420 to our “academic competition” teams, Future Problem Solvers and Destination Imagination!
We are proud to be a part of the Clarkston community and truly humbled by the support shown to our business. For that day, Oct. 3, our store numbers were up across the board, not only supporting the Kids but our business also. It was a great day. Oh, and by the way, at our last Ribfest this past summer we sold 160 slabs of ribs, showing how this community rallies around a great cause. Once again, thank you, Clarkston.
Nate Neiman
Independence Township

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