Thanks to contractors, suppliers

Dear Editor,
Clarkston’s city hall expansion is under way with help coming from all over the county. Even people outside the city love this town and sure know how to show it.
Local companies and suppliers are stepping up to help the village achieve its goals to expand services to residents and keep project in budget. I would like to thank the following companies who have been involved in the first steps to completion.
The foundations are in, the old leaking roof is being replaced and the new community handicap park bathroom is being created. The following contractors have really stepped up and have been very generous in providing services at a reduced rate.
I would like to express our gratitude to the following companies who have been involved so far.
DeGlorie Builders from White Lake, Webber Built from Fenton, Taskey construction from Howell and Van horn Concrete from Waterford. A special thanks to Mike Speagle and the guys at the DPW who have worked especially hard to prepare site and Independence Township’s building department for providing inspections for the project. Thanks to all the companies and trades who have been involved so far and thanks to the Clarkston Construction Tech program students who helped with the demolition before leaving for summer break.
Anyone willing to help out with project can contact Jonathan Smith at city hall
Thanks again,
Sam Moraco, Construction Manager
MLC Building Co.

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