Ticket discount

Drivers ticketed for parking too long in time-restricted downtown spots will get a break, if they pay up quickly.
Clarkston City Council approved a 40 percent discount for time-limit parking violations in the city, if paid within 10 days.
“The city has received quite a number of complaints about parking fines, particularly the time-limit violations,” said City Manager Jonathan Smith at the May 13 meeting. “This solution, I think, not only lessens the pain of the ticket, it improves payment returns.”
“I appreciate the creative thinking,” said Council member Sue Wylie. “I hear about this at meetings and other things, it’s a problem.”
Detroit, Ferndale, Wayne State University and others recently implemented early-pay discounts of 30-50 percent if paid within 10 days, Smith said.
Clarkston’s 40 percent discount would reduce the fine from $25 to $15 if paid within 10 days.

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