It is time for a real change in Washington, DC

Dear Editor,

The nation’s budget deficit rose 17 percent in 2018, reflecting record spending and reckless “tax reform” by Congress which was largely more welfare for the very rich, disguised as a middle class tax cut to dupe weary, hard-working Americans.

Meanwhile stock market gains and 401 account increases have largely evaporated, and wages remain pretty flat.

With inflation again rising up and fuel prices multiplying, middle class Americans are set for another tough year, all as folks like Donald Trump and his family and circle of friends and corporate elites pay little or no income tax via a tax system they have manipulated and tailored for their own special benefit. Middle class folks are left holding the bag, again.

Sure, anyone can get a job at McDonald’s, but high paying jobs with real benefits are in short supply.  Fuel and other taxes which disproportionately affect middle class families are slated to increase, and trade wars are increasing consumer prices.

But Trump and the congress will simply not do anything to facilitate true tax reform and a fairer, more transparent system where wealthy elites pay their fair share.

Instead, to cover for reckless spending and a wealthy tax give-away, Congress plans to “reform” entitlement programs by cutting social security, Medicare, and healthcare access.

School funding is flat, unless a political donor’s charter school needs a government contract.

Voters should make careful choices this November, ignoring the rhetoric and instead looking at the results.  America is being made great for only a few wealthy elites.

Overall, our economic and moral strength, once admired and envied throughout the world, is evaporating and disappearing. It is time for a real change, with genuine leaders and a disregard for blustering blowhards.

Mike Fetzer

Independence Township