Top honors in scouting

Top honors in scouting

By Brandon Kathman
Special to the Clarkston News

Scouting’s local Pontiac-Manito District has recognized two Clarkston volunteers for exceptional service during the 2021-22 program year, naming Pack 163’s Chris Chwasz “Cubmaster of the Year” and Troop 189’s Sherry Snudden “Committee Chair of the Year.”
“Keeping with tradition, we appreciate and recognize the dedication of all adult volunteers,” said Dennis Weaver, the chairman of the district’s nominating committee.
Chwasz’s Pack 163 is among the largest units in Clarkston. As cubmaster, Chwasz is responsible for planning and carrying out the pack’s annual program, supervising the den leaders who instruct each age group. Under his leadership, the unit weathered the pandemic intact and continues to offer exceptional opportunities for elementary age youth.
“As an Eagle Scout, Cubmaster Chwasz leads by example, encouraging 36 co-ed scouts from all over Clarkston to live by the Cub Scout motto: ‘Do your best!” said Tygre Whittington, a den leader with Pack 163.


Snudden has served as the longtime committee chair for Troop 189. As chair, she likewise ensured the continuation of the Scouting program at Troop 189 through the pandemic. Most recently, Snudden championed a pancake breakfast hosted by Troop 189 to support those displaced by the war in Ukraine. According to Weaver, leadership in initiatives like this made Snudden an excellent candidate for the award.
“Though volunteers go about it in different ways, they all work towards the same goal: to provide the best possible Scouting program and experience,” Weaver said. “They work hard so youth can learn new life skills in an environment that’s safe and fun.
Scouting’s Pontiac-Manito District spans much of Oakland County and serves youth from the Clarkston, Brandon, Waterford, Pontiac, Holly, Lake Orion, and Oxford school districts.
Those interested in local Scouting can visit or call the district office at 947-886-5736.


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