Township offering meal services for those in need

During these difficult times, providing services to those in need is of paramount importance.
For folks in need of food, there are several locations within Independence Township that can offer assistance.
In this interactive map, locations, times and sponsors for meal services are available.
Independence Township Planning and Zoning Manager Brian Oppmann, created this tool, entitled Meal Site Locator, that is currently on the township website under the “INTERACTIVE MAPS” tab.
“Brian Oppmann has been a great asset to the township with his unique ability to provide solutions for our community leveraging the mapping technology on our website,” Township Supervisor Pat Kittle said. “Another special call out goes to all the faith-based organizations and the Clarkston Community Schools for their never-ending generosity and take-charge attitude during this time of need.
“The community is a better place because of this dedication to our residents.”
Oppmann explained why the interactive map was created.
“As with all of our interactive maps on our website, the goal is to relay information to the public in an easy-to-read, accessible way,” he said. “There are many websites that provide COVID-19 specific information and statistics, but what was missing was an ability for those individuals or families to find locations where organizations are providing meal services without having to research faith-based organizations or school websites.
“The Township has created an application that can be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer and it provides necessary information on location in the community, hours and days of operation for each provider. We also see a need to continue this application beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and provide this as a resource to our community in the long term for seniors and those in need.”

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