Township’s future look at stake at meeting

Dear Editor,
Independence Township has a long history of carefully maintaining the historical aesthetic value of the community, its parks, residences, and historic value, while welcoming and encouraging a thriving commercial sector.
Both Independence Township and the City of the Village of Clarkston operate under master plans, part of which provides specific tenants and guidelines designed specifically to protect the “bedroom community” feel of the community.
While other communities have been overrun by commercialism and given way to modernization, our community strives, by its ordinances, to protect and preserve its’ heritage. We welcome commercial enterprise, but we do so within the constructs of the Master Plan.
As a non-profit organization, Preservation Clarkston was formed to help citizens ensure the Master Plan is followed by our governing bodies.
A motion before the Independence Township Planning Commission Aug. 8 concerning Changing Text LED Signs, threatens the Master Plan and in turn, the rural character of our community.
Currently, signs prohibit changing-text advertising except for gas prices, time and temperature. The motion before the board seeks to alter this standard, inviting a broad spectrum of the use of LED signage in commercial advertising. This motion appealing for change is in clear conflict with the Master Plan.
It is urgent that residents attend the Aug. 8 Planning Commission meeting, 6:30 pm, Township Hall, Waldon Center Drive, to show support for the Master Plan and to convey the community determination to continue to support ordinances which protect the historic flavor of our community.
Please plan to attend and bring a neighbor. You are not required to speak but may do so if you wish. Your presence will send a clear message that protecting this community’s heritage is most important.
Thank you,
Preservation Clarkston

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