Turnovers cost icers the win

Icers are going back to the drawing board this week after losing both games in Cranbrook-Kingwood’s Annual Thanksgiving Tournament during the weekend.
‘We’re not working as hard as we need to,? said Clarkston Coach Bryan Krygier. ‘We got to bear down and play better.?
The boys took on Brighton in their first game of the tournament on Friday.
The Bulldogs led after scoring their first goal in the first period.
Three minutes into the last period, Adam Frank gained control of the puck.
Frank skated forward as Brighton’s defense trailed behind him leaving him empty space to take a shot at the net.
He took his opportunity and tied the score.
Brighton scored their winning goal with seven minutes remaining in the game.
The Wolves tried to capitalize on power play opportunities but were unable to score.
Neeko Muniz saved 20 shots made on Clarkston’s goal.
The Wolves had 21 shots on goal.
The boys continued on Saturday afternoon against University of Detroit ? Jesuit.
They gained control two minutes into the game when Connor Lyons hit the puck into the right corner of the net.
Jack Schlau and Michael Fiteny assisted with the goal.
Schlau added his own goal halfway through the period, 2-0.
The Cubs pushed in the final minutes but Clarkston defense and Muniz kept them out.
The Wolves were one man down in the second period and Jesuit used it to their advantage to score a score.
The Cubs tied the score in the next period with three minutes left and took their last shots on Muniz as the last minute counted down.
Muniz saved 12 shots in the period.
The game when into overtime and the Cubs scored the winning goal three minutes in.
Brighton took first place at the tournament after beating Cranbrook in the final game of the day, 6-4.
‘We had good goals but we won one period of hockey,? said Krygier. ‘Playing one period out of four you can’t win a game. We got outworked.?
The boys had three turnovers during their game on Saturday. and the Cubs used each one to their advantage. Krygier will use it as one of the focuses for practice this week.
The losses brought the record, 2-2.
The Wolves will have home advantage in their two league games this week.
They play Rochester United (0-2-1) on Wednesday at 8 p.m. and Farmington (2-1-1) on Saturday at 6 p.m.