Tutoring taking on virtual format

Tutoring taking on virtual format

Clarkston News Editor

A group of Clarkston Community Schools students has started a free virtual tutoring club to help other students in the district.
The first meeting date was March 2.
The 10 founding members include President Bedford Muzzy (10th grade), VP Kayla Cole (10th grade), VP of Publicity Annie Lemieux (10th grade), Secretary Jacqueline Suida (8th grade), VP of Membership Ava Lonteen (8th grade), Director Erica Luther (8th grade), VP of Media Katie Jakubiak (8th grade), Ashby Muzzy (7th grade), Kaitlynn Suida (7th grade) and Evan Jakubiak (6th grade).
Other members include international baccalaureate students Mackenzie Fazekas, Danny Hepler, Ava Hoffman, and Audrey Parker (all 11th graders).
The tutors are getting rave reviews from the tutorees’ parents as well.
“Our tutor was awesome! My son loved working with her.”
“It went very well. Our tutor is very helpful and easy to understand. My son enjoys working with her for math. She makes it easy to understand and makes him think about math concepts and how he can do better next time. He improved on his math test thanks to out tutor.”
“Our tutor was amazing.”
“My son liked his tutor from last week, very helpful. Requesting another session please.”
The CHS sponsor is Social Studies teacher Brian Pierce, and the tutors have “office hours” every Tuesday at 5 p.m.
For more information, email tutors.clarkston@gmail.com.

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