Warped War Powers

Dear Editor,
The Constitution provides Congress with the sole power to make declarations of war. The 1973 War Powers Resolution passed by the House and Senate requires congressional approval before the president deploys armed forces and commits troops to war.
U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s House resolution (not passed by the Senate and therefore has no legal standing) requires President Trump to cease all hostilities against Iran and can only use the Armed Forces by complying with the 1973 War Powers act. This House resolution adds Iran specifically to the requirements of the Constitution and 1973 War Powers Resolution. Does Rep. Slotkin plan to write similar resolutions for all countries since all countries are included in the previously mentioned documents?
World War II is the last time Congress approved any conflict. Presidents who involved us in Korea, Viet Nam, Bay of Pigs, Kosovo, Libya, fight against Al Qaeda, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the killing of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Soleimani all did so without congressional approval.
Why was the action by President Trump any different than the other actions and required the passing of a redundant resolution, when the Constitution and the 1973 Act have been by-passed by numerous presidents?
Tom Breneiser
Independence Township

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  1. MIKE FETZER   January 16, 2020 at 5:31 am

    There are many facts that distinguish Trump’s action from the actions of earlier presidents. The lying, blustering blowhard Trump was elected by only a minority of voters, with the aid of Russian election interference facilitated and welcomed by Trump. He lies about virtually everything. Trump failed to address relevant questions from Congress and the public; his press secretary held zero press conferences to answer any questions by anyone in the last year, and even congressional leaders from his own party report that confidential briefings have been vague, with shifting explanations and no specific detail. Trump and his minions have offered shifting and often false justifications for the action, none of which comport with the law. Trump is the only “president” to claim that the constitution allows him to do “anything” he wants without congressional notice or authorization. Trump launched his attack in the third year of his term, in the absence of any imminent threat within the meaning of law, only to detract and shift public attention from his impeachment for treasonous conduct and his acts to prevent obviously relevant witnesses and documents from being presented to Congress. Trump is correct to the extent he claims that impeachment is not warranted. A morally bankrupt ‘president’ who has committed the treasonous acts attributed to him should be put on trial for treason and imprisoned or executed if found guilty by a real court, not a kangaroo court like the Senate where grown men and women ignore facts, spin and pivot, lie and avoid contact with any witness or document that would shed truth on the crimes of their manipulative party leader in the White House. They care only for political ambition, nothing for our democracy, country and children’s future. History will frown on all of them as this debacle is studied for centuries…


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