Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon

The stands at Clarkston High School were silent – a still hush of fans watching the lacrosse game between the Wolves and Lake Orion.
Silent until the beginning of the second quarter, when Joe Puertas tied the game.
Clarkston fans were charged ? banging their feet against the aluminum, cheering their hearts out to the boys on the field.
Their reward ? goals from Sam Bell, Hunter Layson and Jordan Kincaid sealing Lake Orion’s doomed fate.
And now another Clarkston team goes against Lake Orion this week – the girls soccer team.
The Lady Wolves have counted down to Thursday’s big game since the beginning of the season.
With their highest record, 12-1, to date in the last few years – they have something to prove to the Lady Dragons (10-3-1).
Besides playing a rival – another 21 reasons are the players on the team. The girls work as a team and keep every competitor on their toes especially with Demaree Wells in the net.
But to see is to believe so grab your Blue and Gold gear and head over the Lake Orion soccer field on Thursday night.
Then catch the girls on Friday night when they host Youth Night and play Brandon High School.
If you can’t go to either – check online at ClarkstonNews.com or our site on www.facebook.com.
So while you are on Facebook check ing Farmville and Cafe World, you can check our page. You can do so much -share your favorite Clarkston memories, comment on the latest edition of The Clarkston News, express your opinion on issues in Independence Township, Clarkston and Springfield Township.
What do you think of the Clarkston Police millage? How do you feel about Clarkston spending $6,100 on the lawn mower and $2,150 leaf/grass bag unit – for the grand total of $8,250?
For those unfamiliar about Facebook – it is a social network keeping you linked with classmates, friends and family.
Since my friends have moved in different directions and family is in California it keeps me in touch.

All the fall components were accounted for at Friday’s game – wind, rain, and a do or die battle between two rival football teams.
Eight games coming down to the very last one – the big game against Lake Orion.
On the line for Clarkston – an undefeated season, the OAA Red league championship, and bragging rights.
The result – the Wolves beat Lake Orion to the tune of 42-13, going undefeated in the regular season and are OAA Red Champs.
Now they head into district playoffs facing Lake Orion – again.
Now prior to last Friday’s game I heard a lot of smack talk from Lake Orion fans (I won’t hold it against them they are Dragons fans). But for those who said ‘Dragons rule and Wolves drool,? you better start motivating your team. Dragons may have scored more points during the regular season, 318 to Clarkston’s 291, but they also gave up a lot more points 145 to the Wolves 106.
If this week repeats Orion will have another bad game against our Clarkston boys.
Wolves, Wolves, Wolves…You boys have done an awesome job! Keep it up! As Coach Kurt Richardson said after the game, you aren’t done yet!
You guys have put so much work into the off season and some of you have not only said you took what the coaches told you at the end of last season to heart – but you proved it everytime you got on the field. You can win this!
So let the smack talking start all over again and don’t worry Dragons fans, Clarkston is just as loyal to our team as well.
As a Oxford alumni pointed out to me – Dragons are imaginary creatures and considering they only scored 13 points on our defense – imaginary is very easy to beat.
Lake Orion – bring it!
Clarkston – WIN IT!
Show off your school colors and we will see you Friday night as the Wolves host Lake Orion one more time at 7 p.m.
We will post the results after the game at www.ClarkstonNews.com and on Facebook at our The Clarkston News page.

Finally, spring is literally around the corner. Friday gave us a nice glimpse of what is to come – sunshine, a slight breeze, blue skies.
But as we say hello to spring and all of the spring sports that began their first practice this week, we also bid farewell to the winter sports.
Swim and wrestling end this weekend with state finals. Basketball still has (crosses fingers) a few more weeks to go.
The close games last week. A loss to West Bloomfield after two overtimes and a overtime win over Pontiac Northern showed the team is merely mortal.
The games gave them some competition and woke them up to how fierce it can be in the playoffs. On the plus side, it will get them ready for whatever the Trojans from Saginaw have ready for them in the quarterfinals.
The Wolves will make it. It’s their year. They just have to take it one game at a time.
But we will focus on them getting through districts this week.
Now I am back thinking about spring, and the goals of spring.
It’s time for spring cleaning. Time to air out the house and (gasp) go through the closet. It’s also time to go through storage (double gasp) and really clean the space out.
The problem is I can picture it now. I struggle opening the lock, that refuses to budge after the long season. I reach down and lift the heavy metal door up.
Light slowly enters the small space as the door rolls up. The realization hits – look at all of those boxes.
Everything from my youth stacked up in plastic bins and cardboard boxes and the decisions of what should go or stay.
As much as I would like to push it away for another year, it needs to be done before it gets too hot. Especially since the storage unit turns into a little sweat box when the temperature reaches over 70 degrees.
What are you looking forward to as we slowly leave winter? Any gardening or projects around the house?
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Until next time, see you in the bleachers!