Wendi’s Word: A school year ends

Students left schools for the last time for this school year on Friday.
What a school year! There were ups. There were downs. There were a lot of uncertainties and a lot of emotion.
I hope you and your family made it through the school year despite the curvy road it took to get to the last day of school.
For us, it was Jonathan’s first year in school as he joined our district’s preschool program. We didn’t have anything to compare to except our own years in school. And, really, it’s been a while. Things have changed. Not just because of COVID because over time things change.

A wrap on preschool for JD. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

Jonathan’s start date for his program scheduled for September was pushed back to October. Not a problem. It would be the same length of time, and they ended in June instead of May.
Then, just like everyone at the end of November and early December, we went virtual. I have to say the teachers were great – we received a bag with everything needed for two weeks. The class did a Zoom call twice. It went… as well as it could go with about 13 children ranged four- to five-years-old.
There were no COVID scares, until February. One Wednesday there was an email sent someone in the classroom had been around someone with COVID. Then, within a few hours another email that Jonathan’s classroom had been shut down the person had tested positive.
It was an interesting few days – going to the classroom and getting everything and really getting the details down for quarantine. Jonathan was on quarantine but the rest of the house wasn’t unless he showed symptoms. He never showed symptoms. He was out of school a few times with respiratory colds but it wasn’t COVID.
Now, summer time. Jonathan received a backpack full of weekly activities to continue to do to prepare for the Kindergarten.
So far day one of the official summer vacation and the week one packet has not gone as…planned. I know. I know. I was expecting him to be as excited as I was for worksheets.
If you will excuse me, I need to find the cushions for the couch and make sure little brother isn’t biting big brother. Enjoy the sun!

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