Wendi’s Word: Book boys

Jonathan grabbed the Go, Dog. Go! book by P.D. Eastman from the pile of books and settled on top of his pillow on his bed.
The three-year-old toddler flipped through the pages and read to himself. Some parts it was clear what page he was on as he said “Go, dog. Go!” Or the parts where the poodle asks another dog, “Do you like my hat?”
When I am reading Cat in the Hat, the first few pages he has begun to repeat the line after I say it. Poor kid probably has most of the books down by now as Dr. Seuss continues to be a favorite despite the other books he has – at least over a hundred. I have given custody of my bookcase to the boys.
Since he is now repeating, I need to make sure to pronounce every syllable and make sure the end of words aren’t left off. It is one area he needs to work on in his speech.
Jonathan is breaking into other stories. He picks out Peter Pan once in a while which warms my heart because I was named after Wendy Darling. He also recognizes Peter Pan as he found the keychain I have in the office and now has claim on it. At least he hasn’t found the glass snowglobe yet.
As much as he uses trains, cars, balls to entertain him, he also uses books, too. Sometimes when he is quiet upstairs, he is on the landing next to the bookcase in the midst of five books with one on his lap.
He is growing as a big brother. Oliver is now four-months-old, reaching and playing more which makes it more enjoyable for Jonathan.
They feed off each other both in good and bad ways. But we will stick to the good ways. When Oliver sees Jonathan in his range of focus – instant smile. Then, Jonathan smiles.
I went to two scrapbook crops during March and have realized I need to either take a lot more photos of Oliver. Or scrapbook less of Jonathan’s photos from his first year.
I am slowly going through his first year and am only six months in with over 60 pages. It’s hard to stick to monthly and holidays when have so many cell phone pictures.
The next crop is in November. Maybe I will make a dent before then in his album or at least start Oliver’s first scrapbook.

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