Wendi’s Word: Boys, dogs & a monkey

A short tale about a boy and his dog…err….dogs and a monkey.
Soon to be two years old, Oliver carries around four stuffed animals, his buddies. It started with a puppy puppet, which was in his older brother’s pile of stuffed animals.
Oliver also took over possession of Little Monkey Lost puppet, a baby monkey in an apple. It’s actually a toy I would greet people with at my old retail job. I will admit I sold quite a few on those days.

Oliver with his buddies. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

The skills pay off now when Oliver hands the baby monkey over to me.
His other buddies are a stuffed husky dog, he instantly fell in love with in the store. The husky is a good nap go-to, least for the last few weeks.
As for Jonathan, soon to be five years old, he never had a set stuffed animal he would carry around. For bedtime, he would rotate stuffed animals.
Now he is fine with no bedtime buddies.
At least he is still fine with reading a few books at bedtime which are now in holiday rotation. I cleaned off the few shelves in his room and one of his book bins to put the Christmas books out.
It’s the most I have done for holiday decorating at this time – the last couple weekends have been busy as one Saturday I spent the day scrapbooking.
I did a little over 15 pages and barely made a little dent in Jonathan’s first year album. But, only a few more months to go in his album. I just need to get all the scrapbook totes into the office…after I reorganize it just a bit. There is still a lot of odds and ends to put away or push away.
As for my usual November National Novel Writing Month task, I did pretty good the first few days. I hit 7,000 in the first three days. From there, I didn’t hit the 1,667-words per day goal.
What I did do was flip-flop extra time I had between reading and writing. Most of what I wrote was long-hand and I didn’t count it on the NaNoWriMo website.
But less than two weeks left in the November challenge, I could hit 50,000 words by Monday, Nov. 30. It’s been done before – with lots of caffeine and little sleep.
Ah, the magic of NaNoWriMo.

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay well!

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