Wendi’s Word: Bye lil’ Saturn

One single box was brought into the house after the 2007 Saturn Vue was emptied on Saturday. It was the last thing to do before we say goodbye to it.
Four-year-old Jonathan immediately took out the Scooby-Doo windshield sun shield out of the box. I may have used it once in my 14 years owning the Vue.
I peeked into the box – a lot of pens along with miscellaneous little things. Some went into the trash. Some went into a sort through later box.
I had already taken out the CDs and my seasonal tote a few months ago. Last week I took out the two faded turtles and put them into the new vehicle.
The blanket I received for graduating college from one of the regulars when I worked retail was also moved over last week.
Over 223,000 miles driven on the Vue – many of them are mine. A lot of travel back and forth with a few road trips in the mix.
The first trip was within a month of purchasing the Vue in the summer of 2006. Honestly, it was because of the trip I traded in my Saturn Sedan for the Vue. I knew I would be the one driving as my best friend and I went to Valdosta, Georgia to visit friends who moved there.
I wanted something with more leg room. Cruise control was a bonus to the trip as we traveled I-75 down to the bottom of Georgia, then down further to Jacksonville for a few days. Then, back up to Michigan. What a drive for the first road trip.
Road trips after that were relatively shorter – Frankenmuth, Traverse City, Houghton Lake and Upper Peninsula.
The trunk space was a pretty good size for short trips. The amount of scrapbook totes I could fit in there for one-day crops or weekend crops was amazing.
Actually the trunk space for the newest member of the family, a Chevy Equinox, is pretty good. It’s one of the top things I was looking for when the search began a few years ago.
Yes, it has taken me a few years to finally say we are done with the Vue. She was a good vehicle. Sure a few hiccups and frustrations here and there. But, over 14 years, not a crazy amount.
Now I have to get used to not having a CD player built into the vehicle. It’s different. I guess no Michael Buble holiday CD. Time to dig out MP3 player.

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