Wendi’s Word: Conversations with mini me

Holiday music was playing in the background in the sunroom when a conversation started about Santa Claus.
It turned into a very serious conversation with five-year-old Jonathan about the type of beverage to leave the man in red on Christmas Eve.
It’s milk.
“What about water,” I asked. “Santa drinks a lot of milk for the night. How about we leave something different like water?”
“No, milk,” he replied, very serious.
“What about apple juice,” I countered.
“No,” he responded putting his hands out and adding apple juice makes Santa Claus’ tummy hurt.
“What about leave a glass of orange juice out,” I asked.
“No, it makes Santa pee,” he blinked.
“We can leave Santa coffee,” I proposed.
“No, Santa doesn’t like coffee,” Jonathan quickly countered.
“It’s a long night, I am sure Santa wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee,” I added.
Jonathan gave a glare back.
“Tea,” I asked getting another “no” face in response.
“Okay, how about a latte? It has milk in it,” I said.
He responded with a long no.
It was a very serious conversation until he turned giggly and started talking in what I like to call preschool chat. It’s a lot of mixed words, like code for him and his preschool classmates. After a few minutes of continued preschool chat, the conversation was done. Santa will be getting a glass of milk, but a small glass. It’s a lot of milk in one night.
The boys, now two-years-old and five-years-old, as of now haven’t seen Santa Claus this year. Jonathan hasn’t said anything about going to see Santa, which is one less conversation with him about how a lot of people are sick and we are doing less this year.
Santa was visiting Grammi’s neighborhood and was visiting with children outside the clubhouse while social distancing but Jonathan wasn’t interested. He wanted to play inside Grammi’s house and drink hot cocoa. (Grammi is not misspelled – it is how my mom wants it spelled. She likes “i’s” (shrug).
As for Oliver, well, he knows who Santa is but doesn’t seem sad not to see him this year so we might be missing that “who are you” photo.

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