Wendi’s Word: Falling into a new season

ā€œIā€™m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.ā€ – L.M. Montgomery
Though the cold chill isn’t quite here yet, the leaves are turning festive red, orange and yellow, falling to the ground if they haven’t fallen yet.
And the cider mills beckon with cider and warm, sugary donuts. The sugar and being warm is a must for the donuts. It’s the only way. Actually a cider mill donut is the only donut I will eat – I am not a donut fan.
Fall is fun with the boys – hayrides, Halloween events, picking out pumpkins.
I know I have talked quite a bit about Jonathan as he continues his adventure in Kindergarten. By the way, he received his next round of Scholastic Book Order forms and two field trip forms – a fire department and orchard.
Two-year-old Oliver is appreciating his time without brother around. He is enjoying his new hobbies as he has become quite taken with puzzles. Really taken with puzzles. He can’t get enough and for a while was taking them in the car. It’s fun when he brings them on a car ride. Someone gets to play find the pieces later on.
Oliver is showing off his vocabulary. He is saying a lot more words and short sentences. The cutest is at night when he says “Wuv you, too” and also when he says “thank you.”
He is showing off more of his toddler personality as well. The crossing of the arms in front of his chest, a form no in his toddler voice and pout as his chin hits his chest. Happy or grumpy, it will make for some good layouts for the scrapbook.
As for mama, mama is itching to scrapbook. No focus of what I want to work, but the itch is there. Maybe some ideas for layouts after a visit to the Great Lakes Mega Meet, which has been postponed since May 2020. I am geared up. I have my wish list – mostly focused on Disney and boy but also school and maybe some soccer. Depends on what jumps out. Really it’s setting a kid loose in the candy store. I am so ready for this.
The itch to prepare for November’s National Novel Writing Month…well… I am aware of how much time is left to prepare until November 1. Hitting the 50,000 words in 30 days is not about preparation for me, it’s more motivation.

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